Tranquility Trail Run 6 mi and 3 mi


The Tranquility Trail Run will be held on April 8, 2017 at Oak Mountain State Park. The race will start at 8:00 a.m. at the Redbud Pavilion located on Tranquility Road, the location of the BMX Track.  
The race will begin with a short loop on the road around the BMX track (a counterclockwise loop around Tranquility Rd.) to give runners a chance to spread out before hitting the single track. Runners will head into the woods along the Yellow Trail angling to the left and up the trail along the Old Lake dam.  You will continue around Tranquility Lake before heading back to Maggie's Glen.  At Maggie's take the White Trail to the left for about 1/3 mile and continue straight ahead on the Cabin Trail. You will run past the cabins on the Cabin Road and continue around the right side of Tranquility Lake.  Follow the road around to the right, past the dam and down a short hill and into a power line easement. Go around the gate across the power line cut and make an immediate right back onto Tranquility Road and again circle the road in a counterclockwise direction around the BMX track and back to the Aid Station and Finish. If you are running the 3 mile race, this is the finish. Six mile runners will continue by running a second lap and heading directly back into the woods without making the loop around the BMX track. Elevation gain per lap is 344 feet.
Here is a link to the Oak Mountain State Park Trail Map with the course marked.