Run for Kids Challenge - ​10K, 50K & 12 Hour Race

The 2020 Run for Kids Challenge will be held at Oak Mountain State Park on May 9th. The park is just south of Birmingham off I-65 in Pelham, Alabama. Take the Hwy 119 exit (Cahaba Valley Rd) from I-65 and follow the signs to Oak Mountain State Park. 

The races will start and finish at the Cedar Pavilion (same location as Previous years) at the South end of Double Oak Lake, the swimming and canoeing lake.  The pavilion is located at the end of Terrace Drive.  This year the run will start on the Lake Trail heading counterclockwise around Double Oak Lake. About 2/3 of the way around the lake, runners will switch to the Rattlesnake Ridge trail and follow it all the way back to the Cedar Pavilion. Each loop will be about 6 miles. There will be a cookout following the 10K and continuing until the end of the 50K and 12 Hour races. 




The 2020 Run for Kids Challenge Course.

The 6.1 mile loop is run in a counterclockwise direction for all races.
10K Race: Runners will make one complete loop of the 6.1 mile loop and return to the Start/Finish Aid Station. They will them run one lap of the 0.125 mile loop indicated in green and finish at the aid station for the finish.
50K Race:  Runners will run 5 laps of the 6.1 Mile course for a distance of 30.5 miles. They will then complete one lap of the Family Trail shown in Blue for a total of 31.5 miles.
12 Hour Race: Runners will complete as many laps of the 6.1 mile loop as possible for 11 hours. We will then close the 6 mile loop and runners will shift over to the Family Trail shown in Blue. Anyone requiring more than 1 hour to complete the 6.1 mile loop may start the 1 mile loop before the 11 hour cutoff. You must tell the race timers if you are switching early. At 11 hours and 50 minutes we will close the Blue Loop and move runners onto the 0.125 Mile Green Loop for the final 10 minutes. This is when the race really gets exciting.